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Dive Locations

The Maldives

Officially known as The Republic of Maldives, it's a small country in South Asia, located in the Arabian Sea of the Indian Ocean. It lies southwest of Sri Lanka and India. The Maldives has become one of the world's best scuba diving destinations because of the white sand beaches, coral reefs, clear warm waters, numerous scuba diving sites and rich marine life. Many scuba divers are keen to dive in the Maldives because of the presence of whale sharks, manta rays, eagle rays, reef sharks, hammerhead sharks and moray eels, as well as many smaller fish and coral species.

Local Island in North Ari Atoll

This local island is an inhabited island located in the northern part of Ari Atoll. Tourists find it to be a joyous experience to be able to walk around the whole island several times a day. It is also famous for being uniquely environmentally friendly, with the best waste management system in the Maldives and a system for monitoring marine biodiversity. Because of this, tourists can see the exceptional diversity of plants on the island and fish underwater. One of the main tourist destinations on the island are the beaches, which border the waves of the turquoise lagoon. The main attractions here are snorkeling and diving. The island is known for its exceptionally diverse marine fauna, with sharks being constant residents of the nearest dive sites. The average depth of the dive sites that mostly have pinnacles and channels is 20-25m/66-82ft. Some of the most remarkable sites nearby are the world-famous Maaya Thila, known for its magnificent coral reef, Hafsa Thila, with an amazing spectacle of fish, and Gangehi Kandu, which charms divers with its exceptionally vibrant corals.


The dive sites in these waters are characterized by good visibility, averaging 20-25m. In clear, sunny weather, the visibility can even reach 60m. Divers on the island can spot particularly colorful soft and hard corals, sea fans, and anemones, with lots of reef fish floating through their branches. Surgeonfish, tuna, fusiliers, moray eels, grouper, turtles, octopi, jellyfish, lobsters, and shrimp are some of the most commonly seen species. It also is not rare to see gray reef sharks, whitetip sharks, manta rays, eagle rays, and stingrays at all the sites.

Fuvamulah: Divers Paradise

Fuvahmulah means "Island of the Areca nut palms", Fuvah (or "Fuva") in the local language. This tiny atoll is the closest to the equator of all the country's islands and reefs. This isolated equatorial location has given birth to a truly unique environment, earning Fuvahmulah the nickname of the Maldivian Galapagos. Above water Fuvahmulah has freshwater lakes and lush tropical vegetation, but it is the underwater environment that is the real draw as the atoll offers some truly unique diving experiences.

Fuvahmulah has over 20 known dive sites, each boasting of pristine reefs and drawing large numbers of pelagics, and due to its equatorial location, the diving here isn't affected by seasonal changes; meaning world-class diving experiences can be had all year-round.

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